:: Crystal Cum Poker!
Two weeks ago ALEXANDRA introduced me to this little shy and innocent 19 year old hottie named CRYSTAL. I got to talking with CRYSTAL and discovered that she wasn't very innocent at all, but that she had a whole freaky side that she had always kept hidden. I decided it was time to bring the freakiness out! I arranged a party and she was overwhelmed with joy to accept the invitation. Once again, a new star is born! Enjoy!

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  :: The Boys Save Jenny's Day!
Jenny's car broke down and they got picked by the guys. Hanging out at the club, they started to get these lovely ladies naked and the fun begins. In return for picking them up and saving the day, Jenny gave them a good blowjob and fucking. Alexandra ate the cum spread all over Jenny's face! Enjoy!

  :: Rikki Silver Cum Plate!
HOT RIKKI, sexy KATRINA, and PAMELA were hanging out last weekend and called me up. They were bored, feeling a little horny, and wanted to know if there were any parties going on. I told them, there is now! I called the guys and the girls came on over. You would have thought that these girls hadn't been fucked in months! They were so wild! Enjoy!